EU離脱によって外国語習得の重要性がこれまでとは変わってくるだろう、と英国British Councilの記事です。EUを離脱すれば、英国のEU諸国やそれ以外の国との関係性が、経済、地政学、文化、教育面といったあらゆる面で変わって来るだろう、と。


The UK has reached an important juncture where investment in upgrading the nation’s language skills is critical. Now is the moment to initiate a bold new cross-government, cross-party policy focused on improving language skills over the medium to long term. Languages should be prioritised alongside STEM subjects in schools, with emphasis on Arabic and Mandarin Chinese alongside French, Spanish and German – the five languages consistently most important to the UK’s strategic interests.


We will need to reach out, within and beyond Europe, to maintain and improve our economic position, to build trust, strengthen our international influence and cultural relationships, and to keep our country safe. The extent to which we can do this in the long term depends greatly on the ability of our young people to understand and connect with people around the world. International and intercultural awareness and skills are crucial for the UK’s success on the world stage. They are also crucial in enabling the UK’s next generation to play a meaningful role in a networked world.


With just over one in three Britons reporting that they are able to hold a conversation in another language, the UK’s language capability remains a concern.

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